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Oh yes, it’s that time of year again, the beginning of the year where we all look back on last and wonder did we fulfil any of the promises we made to ourselves a year ago. I think there will be a common outcome of not likely!

If I’m honest I didn’t make any new year’s resolutions last year, I wasn’t in the best place and didn’t feel confident enough with myself to stick to them, however, things have changed in the months leading up to now and I am ready to start 2014 on a positive note, so this post will be about the new year’s resolutions I feel are real, achievable and essential as this year is the beginning of the rest of my life :)


Resolution one – to finish what I have started.

I started a learn at home course on becoming a fully qualified bookkeeper back about 3 years ago. I am very proud to say I have completed 75% of it, however, I have failed to complete the rest of it because of a mix of work, play, holidays and most probably laziness.

The last part of this course is the manual part, which to be honest, I see no point in doing but it will enable me to get that other letter added on to the end of my name! The course is paid for and it’s on my desk, I just have to have the push to complete those 10 or so hours it will take to finish it, send it in and do the exam.

Resolution two – to start what I haven’t started.

I received an advanced driving course for for Christmas about 3 years ago and I still haven’t started it, mostly for the same reasons above. This year I will complete it

Resolution three – to better myself in the gym.

About 5 months ago I read a blog post about how you see yourself in 15 years time, and how difficult it will be to sort yourself out then instead of doing something about it now. This post was enough motivation for me to get myself on the right track for the rest of my life. I managed to lose enough weight to drop 2 trouser sizes and I felt so much better, so I started back at the gym.

One of the things that has improved in the recent months is my strength and confidence in my body and appearance. I have been working closely with my personal trainer Will (, focussing closely on my nutrition and my body weight exercises and things are at last starting to make a visible change for the better.

This resolution is to continue my work with Will and get a leaner and fitter body, one which I can be proud of.

Resolution four – to gain some independence.

I moved home back in August 2008 for a number of reasons, one of the main ones was to save up for my deposit which I will eventually use to buy my own house. The idea has worked well and I have enjoyed the luxury of living at home and I have completed what I have set out to do.

This is the year where I will be turning the big 3-0 and I think it’s time I started moving on with my life, even if it’s just down the road in Newbury, and as the banks aren’t lending money for mortgages like they say they are then I shall rent. I have already set up active searches for properties in the area where I want to live so here’s to moving on!

Resolution five – to become aware of my opportunities and act on them wisely.

I love working for the family businesses and hopefully one day I will be able to take them over and run them on my own, but just right now I want to keep an eye on other opportunities which may be of benefit to me. I need to get myself some “outside” experience in order to broaden my knowledge of the business world around me, get fresh ideas and inspiration. There is only so much I can do where I’m working at the moment and I need more!

I’m just going to keep my options open here, it’s a big step but I think it’s a step which will suit 2014 very well.

These are my 5 new year’s resolutions for 2014, I believe they are achievable. They are resolutions which will help better myself this year and start my thirties off on a positive one!

I wonder if I’ll look back at these in 2015 and wonder what I was thinking? I hope not, I hope for once I complete what I set out to do.

Care to share any of your resolutions? Do you think you’ll stick to them? Let me know! Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Thanks for reading :)

These last few weeks have been manic as I’m sure all yours have been too. It used to be the case, in my profession, where the end of November/beginning of December every year got significantly quieter. But this year – nope! I have been rushed off my feet!

no time

I will be back with a new interesting post, hopefully in the coming weeks. But in the meantime I’m going to leave you with this funny GIF I found earlier this morning:

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Saturday – 6th October 2012

So Saturday evening just gone a group of us went out for the evening in Reading. It was a slightly different night as our 2 friends, Sarah and Louise, who we know from school were back home for the weekend for various reasons.

It was great to catch up with everyone and find out what each other had been up to since the last time we saw one another. We also shared funny stories of school and talked about old friends. so it was a very happy evening :)

Sarah, on the right, has just completed her PHD! So extra celebrations for that and congratulations to her!

What do you like to do when catching up with old friends?

A new change!

Good morning and happy Friday all.

This is my first post on my new blog. I hope you like!

I have been using tumblr up to now, however, all I seem to do there is reblog pictures! Which, don’t get me wrong, it’s nice but there really isn’t any point to it.

As the title suggests, is focussed on anything and everything. It could be an long post or a short post – but I’m goinmg to have a damn good try at keeping it all relevant and not waste anyone’s time.

This blog is listed on my page found here, so you can find more out about me there.



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