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If there’s one thing I have noticed while trying to get an invite to buy a One Plus One is that One Plus are going to make you work for it.

Recently they have been rolling out large batches of invites prior to their new pre-ordering system which has made it easier for a lot to get an invite, in fact this is how I have managed to get mine too. All you need to do is know what is going on and be prepared to drop what you are doing and dash to your computer. Keeping your phone on you at all times is essential.


The following is a list of tools you will need in order to succeed, if you miss one out you risk missing one of One Plus’s clues. Bear in mind I am not an iPhone user so if you are you may need to tweak this plan for it to work effectively with your tech. Oh and congratulations on converting if you are moving away from iPhone!

You’ll need:

  • A smartphone or small 3g enabled tablet.
  • A Facebook account.
  • A Twitter account.
  • An Instagram account.
  • A Google Plus account.
  • RSS Junkie.
  • A One Plus account.
  • Space on your main home screen for 2 shortcuts.
  • A good dose of patience.

After researching One Plus’s social activity I noticed they drop hints for the odd invite here and there so I came up with a plan to best track their posting and make my tech work for me, after all it’s why I originally bought it. Use your apps and your phone/tablet to their full potential and allow them to alert you to a possible invite.

Firstly I went to the One Plus website and tracked down a list of their social accounts. You will find these either in the footer of the homepage or in the top right section of their blog. Open each social page, including their blog in a separate tab of your browser so you can work with each in turn. Now do the following:

  • One Plus Facebook page – Open this page and “Like” it. Once liked simply hover over the “Liked” button and select “Get Notifications”. Now make sure you have the Facebook app on your smartphone or tablet, you are signed in and notifications are turned on.
  • One Plus Twitter page – Open this page and follow it. Now make sure you have the official Twitter app installed on your smartphone or tablet and you are signed in. Go back to the Twitter page on your computer and click the cog symbol to the left of where it now says “Following” – select “Turn on mobile notifications”. Lastly, go to your Twitter app, go to “Settings” > @youraccount > “Notifications” > “Tweets” > Make sure the box to the right of “Tweets” is ticked and that “@oneplus” is listed and ticked below.
  • One Plus Google Plus Page – Open this page. Hover over the “+ Follow” button at the top of their page and select “Create New Circle”. In the text box type a name, I called mine “One Plus”. Once you have added the page to your circles return to your main Google Plus stream and from the circles across the top select the newly created circle, if you have a lot of circles you may have to click “More” and select it from the drop down menu. When your new circle is displaying the content in front of you look in the top right section of the stream called “In this circle” and click the bell symbol, it will turn red and the word “On” will appear to its right. Now go to your smartphone/tablet and make sure the official Google plus app is installed and you are signed in. Open the app and tap menu > your account > “Notifications” > make sure they are turned on and all selected.
  • One Plus Blog – This one’s a bit tricky and a bit less effective than the previous 3 but it will still help. Go to the Google Play Store and download the app called RSS Junkie. This app will keep an eye on the RSS feed of the blog and has the functionality to notify you when it detects a new post. The notifications aren’t quite as fast as push but are “nearly realtime” as stated in the description. This is what I mean about it being the least effective option as sometimes the notification comes through almost an hour after the post has been posted! Open the app and manually add the feed for the One Plus blog. You can do this by adding the URL and tap “Add”. Once added tap Menu > “More” > “Settings…” > Make sure the box is ticked next to “Enable Notifications” and set your notification options like vibrate etc.

If set up correctly the above will enable you to automatically receive notifications whenever One Plus post new content The next few points are for you to check manually:

  • Instagram – Download and install the Instagram app on your smartphone/tablet. Sign in and follow the One Plus instagram account “@oneplustech“. Keep an eye on this account as they sometimes post pictures of a screen displaying an invite code. You never know you may be a lucky one!
  • Home screen shortcuts – (For this point I’m using the Android Chrome app on my S4, other browser apps may vary). Open chrome, type into the address bar and go to the site. Tap Menu > “Add to home screen”, this will add a shortcut to your home screen. Do the same for and log in using your One Plus account. Now you will have 2 very useful short cuts that will enable you to keep a close eye on what’s happening. I recommend checking the forums regularly, especially the “Announcements” and “The One”.

Now you have everything you need to be able to keep a track on One Plus’s social activities. Even though you will be receiving notifications for some, make sure you check all of it regularly as you never know what and when they are going to post. Look out for posts like “Keep and eye on the forums for a special event happening in the next 24 hours” and be prepared to drop what you are doing and get on your PC or device to buy your new One Plus One!

Make sure you interact with them and spark up conversation with them and other members across the social sites, you never know they might like you and just send you an invite of your own privately.

This is how I managed to get mine after months of waiting, now I just have the painstaking shipping to endure!

Let me know if it’s working or if it’s worked for you. Maybe you did something different? I’s love to hear about your experiences. Comment below and share your knowledge :)

Thanks for reading


My parents have recently each purchased an iPhone 5 and asked me to set them up. One of the most important things when changing mobile phones is transferring your contacts.  But Apple don’t make it very easy.

I’m an Android man, I have never owned an Apple device nor do I know much about how they work or behave. Which is probably similar to quite a few people out there. So I turn to good old Google for a bit of advice.

Hours of searching on Google turned up a lot of rubbish about how you can back up your contacts through iTunes (which doesn’t seem to be supported any more), or backing up to and managing them through Gmail or Yahoo Mail, which would be good if I wanted to do that, but I wanted to get them onto the iCloud so they can synchronise and constantly update from that source. So I had to get a little bit creative and I thought that I’d share it with you who may be wanting the same end result – transferring your contacts quickly and easily (for free) from your Blackberry device in bulk onto the iCloud, here’s how…..

You will need:

  • Your Blackberry device.
  • Your iPhone – this needs to be set up so it is backing up to your contacts to your iCloud account. Check your settings.
  • Your Blackberry USB cable.
  • Blackberry Desktop Software – if you don’t have this you can get it here.
  • A PC or laptop with Microsoft Outlook installed (I’m using Office 2007).
  • A Yahoo! account.
  • TextPad 7 Software – if you don’t have it you can get it here. I used version 7.0.9.
  • A cup of tea or a GnT if it’s after 6pm!

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The following isn’t meant to be an android vs. iPhone bashing match. It is just something that is observational, reading on there will probably be parts of it where you sit back and think to yourself “yeah I agree”. But whatever your thoughts please comment below.

I have to say that I too have been pulled into all the anticipation of the new piece of kit from apple and I’m an android man. I mean who can escape it? it’s everywhere!

On the 12th September 2012 the new Iphone 5 was announced by apple and to be honest it was a little bit of an anti climax. I say this because since 2007 when the original iPhone was released, every year there has been something bigger and better which has just blown everyone, including us loyal android users away. Leaving us thinking “yep, they’ve done it again”. But this year I just feel like all the fuss was for nothing! well, maybe not quite nothing but very little indeed.

Each year apple seem to have been able to sprinkle that magic dust onto certain hardware or software improvements/additions and turned it into the star player of the show. What I’m trying to get at here is:

  1. 2007 – iPhone – Here we have a piece of equipment, that just took the entire tech industry and many others by storm. Everything about it was amazing. This device certainly set the trend for years to come, for both itself and its competitors. In the first weekend this model sold in excess of  700,000 units.
  2. 2008 – iPhone 3G – Instead of naming this device the “iPhone 2” it was given a name better suited to improved connectivity to well, the 3G network. This device sold in excess of 1 million units in its first weekend. The main exciting bits were, multiple software features, the ability to access over 10,000 apps and some major improvements to the app store.
  3. 2009 – iPhone 3Gs – This device sold the same amount as the 3G in the first weekend. It came jam-packed with more improvements as you would expect at this rate from apple. The processor was faster with 833MHz, the camera was improved to 3.2 mega pixel a compass was added and of course voice recognition.
  4. 2010 – iPhone 4 – Wow! We got facetime, retina display, HD recording, an improved 5 mega pixel camera, and many other exciting features including a facelift, causing this model to leap to 1.2 million sales in the first weekend. At this point in time approximately 1 in 7 smartphone users had an iPhone.
  5. 2011 – iPhone 4S – Now this is where we can see apple slowly running out ideas! But only slowly. It’s main feature was Siri, also accompanied by some hardware and software improvements and of course the camera.

This brings us up to present day and of course, the iPhone 5 (although it is the sixth iPhone being released!), and I can’t help but wonder if something is missing. It took me a while to figure this out but then I realised it was that one key selling point that apple have always been able to push. But for some reason, this time it isn’t there. Well for me it isn’t.

Okay Okay, you have some vastly improved hardware, maybe a couple of software tweaks. You also have an increased screen size and a new connector. But where is that feature that blows everyone away like the last lot?

It seems that apple now have to do something which they never really have had to do before – Evolve! and evolve quickly. Android have been forced to evolve over the years and look where they are now, if it wasn’t for apple android wouldn’t be where it is. But now is the time where apple need to take a leaf from android’s book and really pull out all the stops in terms of innovation, design and general “let’s blow everyone awayness”. To be honest, things really could start getting interesting from now on.

Android are now in a position where they are playing on a level playing field. The Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean operating systems are now proving that android really has got the reliability to perform, and with features such as Google Now proving that it can function just as well or even better than anything released on the iPhone.

But boiling back to the point. Yes the software is better than before, yes it’s got a bigger screen and yes it looks crisp and clean. But, really, where is the wow factor?

The iPhone 5 will do well, it always does. It will even perform better sales than ever before and hats off to them for that! But in this case I think a lot of loyal apple fans were a little disappointed. I’m not a fan of apple’s and even I was disappointed!

The iPhone 5 – “Brilliant but Boring”.

I’d Like to leave you with this picture I found funny! Click here.

Thanks for reading. Do you have any thoughts on the new iPhone? Comments on what I have written? Do you have any suggestions on what I should write about in future?

I’d love to hear from you. :-)


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