How to avoid Menu Wrapping in the WordPress Tesseract Theme

I have been building a new, simple website over the last day or two for one of my businesses using the Tesseract Theme, a really great theme for making a nice and simple self hosted WordPress website.

I ran into the problem where my menu items were wrapping onto two lines, even though the items hadn’t used up the full width of the bar and I still have menu items I want to include at this point. Here’s what it looked like:


After searching for the last few hours for a quick fix no viable solution really showed its face so I put my limited knowledge of CSS to the test and came up with this:

#masthead {
padding-top: 10px;
padding-bottom: 10px;

#site-banner-left {
width: 100%;

Believe it or not it seemed to do the trick:


Now the menu makes the whole website look more sleek and professional.

To insert the code into the CSS follow these instructions:

Log into WP-Admin > Appearance > Customise > Additional CSS

Here’s the website.

Let me know if it’s helped you out in the comments below.

Fancy a chat? kik me!

I have always thought email is a bit boring. So I thought why not share my kik with my followers!

If you have a question or just fancy a chat then kik me: markthinks


Jumped my first Hurdle – Weight Loss Journal

This week has shown success, I have managed to pass a barrier that I have been struggling with for quite some time. This barrier can also be known as 100kg and I have beaten it! I am now 99kg and feeling great.

There’s still a long way to go, but I feel good that the effort I am putting into it is really starting to pay off. With a total loss of 4kg (8.8lbs) I can now start to focus on my next marker which is 95kg and I’m going to really make a good go of it.

Continue reading “Jumped my first Hurdle – Weight Loss Journal”

Getting over a cold seems to go on forever.  I hope it clears soon as valentine’s day is coming up and I need to be at my best! 

How to reset the Anti-Flood Device on your Electrolux Dishwasher

Have you ever had that heart-sinking feeling when an appliance makes a noise you’ve never heard before? An alarm sounds and all you can think of is how much it’s going to cost you to call an engineer out to fix it. This happened to me a couple of evenings ago. I have an Electrolux integrated dishwasher, model ESL 4200LO. It’s only just out of warranty, typical!

I checked the machine out and found that the empty pump was running constantly, even when I opened the door, usually everything stops at this point, but it didn’t. The alarm was beeping 3 times intermittently along with a flashing “end of cycle” LED. The only way I could get everything to stop was to turn off the power, not the ideal situation.

I checked the manual to see what the alarm meant and it turns out that the Anti-Flood device had been activated. This activates if the machine detects a leak, handy to know that your kitchen won’t be flooded if something goes wrong. Continue reading “How to reset the Anti-Flood Device on your Electrolux Dishwasher”

Watching Z Nation

This is hilariously light humoured, but also incredibly good at the same time. I love it! 

A good start – Weight loss journal


Week 5 – Ending 5th February

I have been working on my weight loss now since the beginning of 2017, more specifically the day I started back at work after new year on the 3rd January. Things seem to be going well.

This week has shown me my best progress I have seen for a long time, even though I was completely lost in a cold! I lost 1.5kg this week which is just under 3 lbs.

I have decided to go about the weight loss in a slightly different way than I described in my previous post as I wasn’t really seeing any results. Yes, even though it was only a month! But the way I’m doing it is the way I lost the weight about 4 years ago. It’s all about doing what works for you without being hard on the body. Continue reading “A good start – Weight loss journal”