Harry Potter: The OMEn Chronicles

I thought I’d share this with you guys not just because it’s so cool, but for the amount of work that has gone into it by one guy. This is a short YouTube video called “Harry Potter: The OMEn Chronicles TEASER” by wrenthereaper. Check out his channel here.

This is a teaser video of what’s to come in September this year, I’m really excited to see what it’s like!

The video also stars 2 of my favourite YouTubers called Will and RJ. They are a couple who have recently moved to Los Angeles and make daily vlog videos for YouTube, very kindly allowing us into their everyday lives. Check out their channel here.

Let me know what you think!


Man Flu got me!

Yes it’s true, once again I have fallen victim to the deadly* infectious disease, Man Flu. IT HAS BEEN DREADFUL! and one of the main reasons why it has taken me so long to write a new post.

I sit here in my pyjamas and dressing gown, dosed up to the eyeballs on Benylin and Lemsip, listening to Enigma – McMxc A.D. (don’t ask me why, I just fancied it. Probable explanation – Man Flu!), trying to bring that little bit more realisation into the world that Man Flu is real, it’s no joke and really needs to be taken more seriously. Continue reading “Man Flu got me!”

Simplified London Underground map

I found this little gem while browsing Facebook this morning.


I love this picture. It’s perfect for almost any kind of trip into London and caters for the essentials! I especially like the stop for XXL.

Unfortunately, I do not have any source for this image. However, I will update this post should I hear of anything.


Poker night

Right, so tonight is poker night!

I have been invited over to my friend Gareth’s for dinner and poker tonight. Brendan will be joining us too. Gareth and Brendan are two of my best friends,  and having known them both just about a year each they are also both two very new friends who I have had a year of fun and laughs with, and hopefully many more to come 🙂

I have a little confession to make, I have no idea how to play poker – at all! So ever since Gareth “whatsapped” me on Tuesday, inviting me over, I have been revising online on various websites.

I seem to have mastered hand rankings, but I am confused as to what the difference is between “best hand” and “the nuts”. They both seem to mean “the best hand”. Well I’m sure it will all become clear tonight! I am also quite up to speed on “the deal” including the flop, turn and river cards and what happens with betting, checking, calling and folding etc.

I have to say I am very excited about tonight’s poker game. I’ll be playing with some great people and I’m sure there will be great drink flowing heading for a great hangover tomorrow morning. However, there will be some great memories created and to be remembered from this.

Wish me luck! let’s hope I come out from this a rich man! 😉

Do you play poker? Have any funny memories you’d like to share? Maybe even some tips for me?! Leave your comment below and I’ll reply!

75 cryptic clues – can you solve them all?

I have just found this on the net.

In the picture below there are 75 clues about places in London. Are you able to solve them all?

Answer in the comments below.

Image from “Iknow this great little place in London” facebook page

Creator – lookforlonger.com