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This is hilariously light humoured, but also incredibly good at the same time. I love it! 

A good start – Weight loss journal


Week 5 – Ending 5th February

I have been working on my weight loss now since the beginning of 2017, more specifically the day I started back at work after new year on the 3rd January. Things seem to be going well.

This week has shown me my best progress I have seen for a long time, even though I was completely lost in a cold! I lost 1.5kg this week which is just under 3 lbs.

I have decided to go about the weight loss in a slightly different way than I described in my previous post as I wasn’t really seeing any results. Yes, even though it was only a month! But the way I’m doing it is the way I lost the weight about 4 years ago. It’s all about doing what works for you without being hard on the body. Continue reading “A good start – Weight loss journal”

Friday treat!

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New plans

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Things that annoy me – Updated

Recently added:

  • Donald Trump
  • “Lit”
  • “Bae”
  • Amateur political experts
  • A sneeze that doesn’t quite happen
  • Brexit remain voters who can’t accept how democracy works – I’m a remainer not a “remoaner”, I have accepted the result and I’m dealing with it
  • Noisy eaters
  • “I, personally”
  • Vaping
  • People protesting because it seems like the fashionable thing rather than the right thing to do
  • Using fog lights when there’s no fog

Continue reading “Things that annoy me – Updated”

Switching to a healthier, lighter lifestyle

For a while now I have been thinking I need to shift some pounds. It’s been at the back of my mind constantly whenever I buy a pint at the pub or have that Chinese takeaway on a Wednesday evening, you know that kind of lazy eating habit we all have found ourselves with at some point in our lives.

It finally hit home in Early December last year when I put my big chinos on and I noticed they were, all of  a sudden, too small! So I made the decision to actually make a change in the new year.

2016 ended and we are now well and truly in 2017, almost at the end of January and I have made a good start but I have to say I’m less than thrilled with the results so far. I have made a lot of lifestyle changes like cutting alcohol down to weekends only, eating healthier food and smaller portions, leaving the car in the garage and walking everywhere instead, actually putting my gym membership to use! All of which are showing signs of working but it only seems temporary. Continue reading “Switching to a healthier, lighter lifestyle”

Single tap enable GPS using Tasker (Without Root)

I like use the Waze navigation app when I drive. Not only for navigation but also for its speed camera detection, speed limits and of course as any Waze user will know, the points. For this to work well it needs GPS enabled.

In the past I have tried to automate GPS using Tasker profiles like “When I connect to a certain Bluetooth device” or “When a Bluetooth device has connected and the device has been unlocked” but I found they were unreliable. I also tried out automating GPS when Waze launched, but with this profile I also found the exit task to be unreliable and with Waze having to be on the home screen (to avoid multiple taps) I thought it was messy – terrible I know!

So, in this post I’ll show you how I have automated GPS with minimal taps and keeping everything tidy by using a Tasker shortcut. Continue reading “Single tap enable GPS using Tasker (Without Root)”