I’ve done it! I’m on Google+

Well I have finally figured out how to create a page for my blog on Google+! Just click the g+ picture below to go to my page. It’s a little empty at the moment but that will change soon.


Now I’m not too familiar with it myself, however, it’s meant to be pretty good. So my goal over the next few months is to learn how to use it properly. So why don’t you add MarkThinks.net to your circles and let’s get social πŸ™‚

Simplified London Underground map

I found this little gem while browsing Facebook this morning.


I love this picture. It’s perfect for almost any kind of trip into London and caters for the essentials! I especially like the stop for XXL.

Unfortunately, I do not have any source for this image. However, I will update this post should I hear of anything.


75 cryptic clues – can you solve them all?

I have just found this on the net.

In the picture below there are 75 clues about places in London. Are you able to solve them all?

Answer in the comments below.

Image from “Iknow this great little place in London” facebook page

Creator – lookforlonger.com